Mr. Sunshine is an independent, creative sound design and audio production facility. It’s a small shop that sounds like a full-on sound department.


  • Creative sound design and audio production for just about any form of media including film, broadcast and cable tv, web, mobile, digital, podcast, smart devices, events, VR and more

  • Expert mixing and standards-ready delivery in stereo, mono, 5.1 surround, and VR/360 spatial formats

  • Enormous and continuously growing SFX Library with hundreds of thousands of sounds

  • Seamless collaboration, version review and frame-based commenting via to keep remote producers connected

  • Music supervision, including library searches and custom music editing

  • Production sound sourcing to keep the audio chain intact from production to delivery

  • Source Connect for remote voiceover records 

  • Digital video layback


All the coolest gear.


  • Latest and greatest hardware/software system built around ProTools

  • Custom room treatment for critical listening on Focal 5.1 surround monitors

  • Wide variety of plugins from iZotope, Waves, Soundtoys, Nugen, Audioease, FabFilter, Goodhertz, etc.

  • Field recording package for custom sound collection including 360 ambisonic capability


Our way is the new way.

The idea behind Mr Sunshine is pretty simple. It’s remote studio designed to create the highest possible quality sound design and mixes minus the highest possible price. With top of the line gear in a custom designed room we’re producing high-end audio, with no compromises. And with the ease of version review using producers can chime in from literally anywhere, making creative, collaborative unsupervised sessions the new normal.