The idea behind Mr Sunshine is pretty simple. It’s a remote studio with top of the line gear in a custom-designed room, producing high-end audio with no compromises. With version review from, producers can chime in from literally anywhere, making collaborative unsupervised sessions the new normal.


  • Creative sound design and audio production for nearly any form of media including film, broadcast and cable tv, web, mobile, digital, podcast, smart devices, events, VR and more

  • Expert mixing and standards-ready delivery in stereo, mono, 5.1 surround, and VR/360 spatial formats

  • Enormous and continuously growing SFX Library with hundreds of thousands of sounds

  • Seamless collaboration, version review and frame-based commenting via to keep remote producers connected

  • Music supervision, including library searches and custom music editing

  • Production sound sourcing to keep the audio chain intact from production to delivery

  • Source Connect for remote voiceover records 

  • Digital video layback


Good gear.


  • Latest and greatest hardware/software system built around ProTools

  • Custom room treatment for critical listening on Focal 5.1 surround monitors

  • Wide variety of plugins from iZotope, Waves, Soundtoys, Nugen, Audioease, FabFilter, Goodhertz, etc.

  • Field recording package for custom sound collection including 360 ambisonic capability